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For women who believe in self-expression and individuality, we celebrate your strength and grace. Established in the year 2020, we at Frizzante Jewels are devoted to making your everyday radiant through our collection of jewellery. Adorn your attire with our striking jewellery collection to boost confidence, and let you accessorize yourself with a dash of elegance.  

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Strategic Mission and Purposeful Vision

Our Mission: Frizzante strive to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers by recognizing their needs and wants. Our Vision: As a label, our commitment is to remain vigilant about the latest fashion trends, ensuring that we consistently deliver products crafted from the finest materials.

Diverse Array of Products

Explore our curated collection of 925 silver and gold jewellery that suits women from every walk of life. Our products range from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, bangles to anklets, providing diverse options to elevate your everyday look and transcend the ordinary. Moreover, our offerings are not limited to ornate jewellery alone. We also have minimalistic products for those who believe ‘less is more.’

Revolutionary Approach to Jewellery Making

We are committed to going beyond the conventional and redefining the artistry of jewellery crafting. Our designers believe in bringing forth new designs through their expertise and dedication to excellence. Moreover, we believe that the intricate designs are more of embedding stories in every detail.

We Stand Apart to Elevate Your Allure

At Frizzante Jewels, we take pride in our top-tier jewellery collection made using high-quality materials. This commitment not only helps maintain the quality but also fosters the long-term viability of products. 

Another noteworthy feature of our jewellery is the meticulous craftsmanship. Every item is individually handcrafted and adorned with gold, silver, or platinum plating, featuring exclusive Cubic Zirconia stones. Moreover, we also accept orders for custom-designed exclusive pieces to make your everyday extraordinary.

Handle Your Precious Jewellery with Care

Preserve the beauty of your jewellery by following our recommended care ritual. It will ensure that every piece continues to gleam with brilliance and charm.

  • When not in use, keep the jewellery in a secure box provided by Frizzante Jewels
  • Avoid wearing them when bathing, in bed, or during water activities
  • You can use a polishing cloth to prevent tarnishing
  • Ensure putting your gemstone jewellery separately to avoid scratches
  • Do not expose the jewellery to chemicals, bleach, chlorine, or saltwater

Customer Service Par Excellence

We believe that understanding customers’ needs is the first step towards elevating customer happiness.

Have doubts regarding the products? Uncertain about the right size? Want an update on your orders? Connect with us right away, as we are eagerly waiting to facilitate you!

Step into the world of Elegance

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Get ready to adorn yourself with our jewellery pieces that convey their uniqueness effortlessly. Our jewellery is a perfect blend of sophistication and edginess, ensuring you look no less than a stunner. 

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