• Is there a time limit to return the products?

  • If you have received a faulty product, you can return it within a 14-day time frame. 

    Note: Returning is only allowed if you have received a damaged product(s). 

  • Can I get my product items replaced in case of damage or defect?

  • Of course, it is possible to get your faulty product(s) exchanged. To do this, you must email us at info@frizzantejewels.co.uk with the photographic evidence. You can also read our Returns & Exchange Policy page for better understanding.

  • What steps are taken by Frizzante Jewels to ensure a safe delivery?

  • Every package of ours is placed in a gift box and a bubble wrap envelope. This protects the jewellery from any scratch or damage. Moreover, every customer is given a tracking number to monitor the progress of their shipment.


  • How can I track my order placed on the website?
  • You can track your order’s progress via Royal Mail tracked 24 with signature.  If you face any issues while tracking your order, get in touch with us. When writing an email, remember to add your tracking number.

  • What should I do if my order is not delivered within the time frame mentioned?
  • If you don’t receive your package within the mentioned date, you can contact the shipping carrier for an update. Drop us an email at info@frizzantejewels.co.uk and we’ll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

  • What should I do if my item sustains damage during transit?
  • Firstly, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. If your product(s) gets damaged, you can either demand a refund or get them replaced. Click images of the defective product(s) and email us for further assistance. 

  • Are all products eligible for exchange?
  • No, all products are not eligible for exchange. You cannot ask for a refund or exchange for earrings due to hygienic purposes. We are very particular about our product’s quality and customer’s health.

  • What is the procedure for informing the customer if an order is canceled after confirmation?
  • Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if we have to cancel your order after confirmation, our team will promptly notify you via email. We will initiate a refund process and provide a detailed explanation for such a decision.


  • What materials are used in your jewellery?

  • Our women’s jewellery pieces are silver and gold plated. However, the most popular ones are found in platinum plating as well. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, we use cubic zirconia as stones for our jewellery.

  • Why should I buy jewelry from Frizzante Jewels?

  • Frizzante Jewels offer an exquisite jewellery collection that is crafted with precision. You get the options of silver, gold, and platinum plating. Our pieces are adorned with high-quality cubic zirconia stones for enhanced elegance. Consider choosing us for unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless designs.

  • Can I customize or personalize a piece of jewelry?

  • Yes, you do get the option of personalizing jewellery pieces from Frizzante Jewels. Our custom services let you design unique pieces to match your preferences, creating a special and meaningful accessory.

  • What care instructions come with your jewellery?

  • Like any other jewellery for women, you need to be cautious of not exposing them to chemicals, saltwater, or bleach. Always keep them in a secured box provided by Frizzante Jewels to avoid scratches or damage. You can get detailed information about this on our About Us page.

  • Is there a free trial/free Sample available?

  • Yes, we do have such deals on our products. You can get free orders for purchases over £50.00.

    We are committed to resolving your queries within 24 hours. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us via email at info@frizzantejewels.co.uk.

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