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Allah Collection Pearl Necklace

Allah Collection Pearl Necklace

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Allah Pearl Necklace, thoughtfully crafted with love to embody reverence and sophistication 🤍🕊️

Allure of the Allah Pendant

This gorgeous premium quality PEARL ALLAH NECKLACE has been beautifully designed using the highest quality of materials to ensure this sparkling necklace holds its value. This 925 Silver Necklace is adorned with with cubic zirconia stones and pearls. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this pendant carries sentimental value, symbolizing love, faith, and Religion making this the perfect Eid Gift or Ramadan Gift for that special loved one.

Use of Premium Quality

This Pearl Allah necklace has been meticulously crafted using the best quality materials to ensure its enduring beauty and significance. Featuring shimmering cubic zirconia stones & lustrous pearls symbolizing purity and elegance.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

This PEARL ALLAH NECKLACE showcases exemplary artisanship, reflecting the skill and precision of master craftsmen. Each lustrous pearl is carefully selected and meticulously placed, creating a symphony of elegance and grace. The craftsmanship behind every detail, from the uniformity of the pearls to the intricacy of the cubic zirconias, speaks about the dedication and expertise of the artisans.

Key Features

  • Details: The word ALLAH is calligraphed beautifully and surrounded by a cubic zirconia & pearl setup
  • Size: You will find the length of this ALLSH PEARL NECKLACE is 32cm with an extended chain of 9cm length. The pendant size is 42.9*31.9mm 
  • Material: The Allah necklace is made using premium quality cubic zirconias electroplated along side pearls on to the bedding of the 925 pendent. 

Care: Protect your necklace by avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, chlorine, and saltwater

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