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Frizzante Jewels Coffee Bean Necklace

Frizzante Jewels Coffee Bean Necklace

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Effortlessly enhance your style and express your individuality with this striking Coffee Beans Necklace.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

The micro pave design followed to craft this gold-plated necklace is proof of the precise detailing skill of the craftsmen. This choker necklace makes use of very small cubic zirconia that are set closely to create a continuous, sparkling surface. Moreover, the way every jewellery element is attached to each other showcases artistic skill.

Secure Closure with Micro Pave Clasp

Experience elegance and security with the micro pave clasp on the coffee beans necklace. The intricate detailing not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures a secure and stylish closure.

Upgrade Your Fashion Statement

Elevate your style game with our chic choker necklace, the perfect accessory to upgrade your fashion statement. The necklace adds a touch of trendy elegance to your ensemble.

Key Features

  • Details: This choker necklace features gold-plated coffee bean-shaped elements adorned with intricate cubic zirconia detailing. Each of these coffee beans inspired pieces is interlinked with each other to form a stunning neckpiece
  • Size: The length of this choker necklace is 40cm
  • Material: Cubic Zirconia and brass are the two main items used to make this premium-quality neckpiece. Also, these are gold-plated necklaces that help you get a chic look
Care: When not in use, keep the choker necklace in the secured box provided by Frizzante Jewels
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