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Frizzante Jewels Four Leaf Flower Bracelet

Frizzante Jewels Four Leaf Flower Bracelet

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Introducing our gorgeous Four Leaf Flower Bracelet, made with love just for you! This gorgeous bracelet is for those who love our classic Lucky Four charm bracelets. This bracelet is available in Sterling Silver and & Sterling Gold. This bracelet consists of a main flower with cubic zirconia stones micropaved carefully into this bracelet. The beauty of this gorgeous bracelet does not end there, there is an extra small charm on the extender chain of this bracelet for a sparkling dangling effect. 

Flower Bracelet, Defining Elegance 

This dainty and delicate adornment gracefully accentuates the wrist making it a staple for a special event, wedding, party or even as a special gift, adding that touch of sophistication and charm to your overall ensemble. These bracelets for women embody timeless elegance, as their design ever so slightly resembles a four-leaf clover. 

Fine Artisanship

The artistry of this flower bracelet extends beyond its aesthetic appeal to its functionality and durability. These sterling silver and Sterling gold bracelets come with a flower design charm extender chain that lets you adjust the length accordingly giving you that extra dangling sparkle. 

Premium Quality Women’s Bracelets

These tarnish-free Sterling silver and Sterling gold bracelets are made using top-grade materials that not only elevate their appearance but also enhance their wearability and longevity.  Each cubic zirconia is carefully selected for its superior quality, ensuring a smooth and polished appearance that withstands every time.

Key Features

Details: These gorgeous bracelets are made of premium quality sterling silver and Sterling gold including cubic zirconias which have been placed intricately amongst the flower, enhancing the beauty of these flower-shaped bracelets including a mini flower charm on the extender chain 

Size: This gorgeous flower bracelet measures at 16cm and has an extra extender 5cm extender chain. 

Material: These are available in Sterling Silver and Sterling Gold. 

Care: Remove your jewellery before cleaning, bathing, or swimming to prevent damage from exposure to water and harsh chemicals

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